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If you gracefully glide down a mountain with the dexterity of a gazelle or you spend most of the time falling on your back, we can help you figure out what your skiing skill level is.  

For those of you in-between, you can determine your skill level with these basic guidelines.  


• You are a first-time skier, or you have skied before but cannot yet snow plow 

• You skied at least once before, ski at a slow pace, stop using a snow plow and trying changes in direction  

• You can ski linked snow plow turns, but easy blues remain a challenge  


Intermediate — Advanced

• You begin exploring more in a parallel stance, may use snow plow in trouble. You Like to travel faster and enjoy skiing a series of turns. Prefer not to ski reds or moguls just yet  

• You are gaining confidence and are starting to feel the skis carve at times, you are comfortable on reds and are trying the odd black and some easy moguls  

• You can make strong parallel turns in various conditions with the ability to make short and long radius turns, enjoying speed and carving turns.  

• You are enjoying trying blacks and moguls but want to progress more. 


Advanced — Expert 

• You are a confident skier and have skied many different resorts, you are more aware of equipment and what it can do for you. You want to ski either high-speed carving turns, develop all mountain freeride technique, or explore doing tricks in the park.  

• You have the ability to ski on and off piste (groomed run) and probably looking to own your own all-mountain skis to take you anywhere because you are confident and comfortable doing so.  

• You can deal with any terrain and conditions, you are possibly an instructor or professional, or backcountry powder hound.  


McCauley Mountain's 633 vertical foot drop contains all the skiing boasted by ski areas three times its size. From long cruisers to steep bumps and glades, to double-black diamond challengers, McCauley has it all. Twenty-one slopes and trails up to a mile long, a double chairlift, two T-Bar lifts, and rope tows. Skiers moving out of the beginner ranks get a big bonus: McCauley offers accommodating trails from the summit. Everyone gets up in skier country to enjoy the views which extend all the way to Whiteface and Mt. Marcy in the high peaks region. It's "big mountain" skiing without the long lift lines and high prices.  

We invite you to Come Play in our Snow and take advantage of Old Forge Camping Resorts Winter Stay N Play Package, which includes overnight accommodations at a discounted rate!  

Book Two Nights Sunday - Thursday in a Cabin or Cottage, get One Night FREE!, Book One Night Sunday-Thursday in a Cabin or Cottage, get One Night 50% off!, or Book with us Friday and Saturday in a Cabin or Cottage and get 50% off on Sunday! 

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What Type Of Skier Are You? 

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While others dread the arrival of snow, we love it here in Old Forge! Snow brings with it the best snowmobiling in the Northeast! More than 500 miles of groomed trails cascade along twist through blanketed forests and frozen lakes, creating a breathtaking winter panorama.

Here are just a few reasons why snowmobiling in Old Forge is the best: 

1. Snowmobilers get to see places that can’t be accessed other times of the year.  

 2. The trail system is well marked and connects with all major snowmobile trail systems in Central and Upstate New York 

 3. Old Forge has an average annual snowfall of 177.3 inches, which is 692% more than the national average. This makes the Old Forge trail conditions one of the best in the North East. 

 4. There are a variety of riding conditions with an incredible number of places to stop, eat, drink, or stay, not to mention maintenance shops for all major sled brands within 15 minutes of Old Forge.  Whether it’s breakfast at Ozzie’s Coffee Bar or dinner at Slickers Adirondack Tavern- you are guaranteed a delicious meal in Old Forge!  

5. It’s only 200 miles from most major cities in New York, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada. 

6. Hit the trails as early as possible by filling up your snowmobile in the Enchanted Forest Water Safari parking lot across from Waters Edge Inn at Enchanted Gas, which is open 24/7 and is easily accessible from Trails 1 and 5. Only credit and debit cards are accepted, so be sure to bring your card!

7. Packages & Offers exclusively for Snowmobilers! Old Forge Camping Resort offers many great packages to help you make the most of your day in Old Forge! You can see our full list of winter packages HERE.

Our sister property, Water’s Edge Inn offers many great plans and packages also! 

Purchase a Full Season Permit, Weekday Season Permit, or a Seven Consecutive Days Permit to fit your needs at a reasonable price! Prices are per snowmobile and can be purchased during the Inn’s operational hours at the Tourism Information Center, making it easy to get your snowmobile on the road!

Water’s Edge Inn also offers a Snowmobile Park & Ride offer. The discount package includes a two weeknight stay for two guests in your choice of a Lakeview Double or Standard Double room. Also, enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants in the area, and a complimentary continental breakfast every morning of your stay. What’s better than a warm breakfast before a cold, snowy day on the trails?!

NEW for 2018 — Town of Webb Snowmobile Permit sales will be on location at both Old Forge Camping Resort & Water’s Edge Inn!  

Whether you are riding a Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat or even a vintage sled-Come join us…winter won’t last forever! 

The Adirondacks are a beautiful year-round destination. The winter, with the snow, brings new and exciting ways to enjoy the outdoors. With so many options and places to check out, we have compiled the top 10 activities to try this winter!


Old Forge, New York is the snowmobile capital of the east! Old Forge Camping Resort and Water’s Edge Inn have direct access to the trails and offer a discount for all NYSSA members come winter into spring.

Winter Hiking

Hiking is one of the most well-known activities the Adirondacks offer, and the best part is, it can be enjoyed all year long! With several trails open during the winter, it is a whole new hiking experience. Just remember to dress warm!



Snowshoeing is another great way to enjoy winter hiking because it can be done anywhere! Being cheaper and easier to learn than skiing and snowboarding, it is a great activity for groups! At the Wild Center, you can try out snowshoeing for free! With their 31-acres and nature guides, you can enjoy a beautiful day in the Adirondacks with the whole family!


With freshly packed snow, skiing and snowboarding are always a favorite in the Adirondacks. McCauley Mountain Ski Center is a wonderful place for the whole family to get out and enjoy a day on the slopes.

Ice Fishing

The Adirondacks are home to a region of lakes, making it the perfect destination for ice fishing! The Fulton Chain of Lakes, surrounding the Inlet and Old Forge area have been known to be the home of several kinds of fish, all varying in size. Once the water freezes, you’ll be sure to see tons of people coming out to see what they can catch!

Winter Camping

Winter camping is the perfect getaway for a family weekend! At Old Forge Camping Resort, they have heated bathrooms, and kitchen facilities, all to make your camping trip safe and enjoyable all year round! So instead of being stuck in the house this winter, grab the kids and head out to the Adirondacks.

Ice Skating

When those lakes freeze and the snow begins to fall, you can be sure to find ice skating on everyone’s ‘winter to do list.’ Whether you go in a group or solo, ice skating is a super fun way to enjoy the cold weather. Go skating at Old Forge’s outdoor rink or at Inlet’s Fern Park, if you prefer the added warmth of an indoor rink.


When you think winter and snow, you think sledding, snowball fights, snow forts, and so much more. The Adirondacks, when covered in snow, are a great place to spend the day outside and bask in all the winter fun! Whether you are camping at Old Forge Camping Resort or visiting for the day, be sure to get out there and build a snowman!

Cross-Country Skiing

Along with snowshoe packages, Old Forge Camping Resort also offers a cross-country skiing package. With nearby access to hundreds of miles of the Adirondacks most pristine trail systems for either the snowshoer or nordic skier, what’s not to love?!

Winter Carnivals

The Adirondacks are the host of nearly 14 winter carnivals every winter! With fireworks, snowmobile rides, bonfires, music and more, the Adirondacks are your go-to winter destination! Check out McCauley Mountain Ski Area in Old Forge this winter, to have a blast at one of these snow loving carnivals!

It’s winter, and when you live in the northeast you have two options: complain about it, or enjoy it!

If you’re the type who chooses to enjoy it, you’re in the right place. The Adirondack region is the ideal spot for all things good about the cold and snow (and yes, there are plenty).

Let’s start at the top and go down, literally. Being mountains, the Adirondacks are ideal for skiing and snowboarding. The Adirondacks offer the best skiing in the northeast, for those who’ve never been on skis to lifelong enthusiasts. McCauley Mountain, in the heart of Old Forge, boasts a 633-foot vertical foot drop with long cruisers to steep bumps and glades, to double-black diamond challengers, twenty-one slopes and trails up to a mile long, a double chairlift, two T-Bar lifts, and rope tows.

Maybe you’re into something more powerful. To you, winter means firing up your snowmobile and heading out. Old Forge, with hundreds of miles of trails, calls itself the “Snowmobile Capital of the East.” Trails, groomed twice daily during the winter, connect with all of New York’s other major trail systems and the Canadian border. Trails open in early December and stay open as long as conditions permit.

In Old Forge, most of the trails are loops, allowing riders to begin and end their trip in Old Forge. Snowmobiling is allowed on trails in nearby Fulton Chain and Moose River Plains Wild Forests. Some of the trails in the region are mapped for GPS and smartphone users.

If you’re coming from out of town, Old Forge provides serval options for dining. The Thendara Pine Restaurant serves steaks, chops, and seafood. 

The Glenmore Bar and Grill is just off Trail No. 10. Snowmobilers also can get to the restaurant from the lake when it’s frozen. Daiker’s restaurant overlooks Fourth Lake serves casual fare and hosts Friday night fish dinners. Weekends feature live entertainment.

After dinner at any of the restaurants in the Old Forge area, you can always grab some shuteye at the cozy Old Forge Camping Resort or the luxurious Water’s Edge Inn.


Sometimes, gift giving can make the holiday’s a bit stressful, but not to worry! These gifts are all perfect for the loved one in your life who can’t get enough of the Adirondacks. Whether they like the outdoors, history, or everything Adirondack, we have got the gift for them!

View, a multi-arts center in Old Forge, is packed with culture and possible gifts for so many! Purchase tickets for any of their lovely events or performances, or sigh both you and your friend up for one of their workshops and enjoy the gift of learning together. Their workshops include creative arts, wellness, and youth classes. View also has a gift shop, with everything from books, clothing and jewelry, and home décor.

The Town of Webb Historical Society is a great place for the gift of history. At their gift shop, they have old maps of areas around Old Forge, map pins of mountains and lakes within the Adirondacks, and beautiful postcards. They also have several books written about the Adirondacks, including, Haunted Old Forge, Adirondack Logging, and Old Forge Gateway to the Adirondacks.

Located in Inlet, New York, is Jack Greco Custom Furniture. They have a whole Adirondack Lodge Collection. All their furniture is made right here in the USA, making it the perfect gift for the friend who wants to bring the Adirondacks home with them. From porch chairs, lighting fixtures, and custom frames, Jack Greco is the go-to place for all Adirondack furniture.

Book an overnight stay at Old Forge Camping Resort and gift them with the peace of the great outdoors. Open all year long, they can enjoy camping of any season. With snowmobiling in the winter, boat rentals in the spring and summer, and beautiful nature trails, OFCR is the is a great gift for all Adirondack lovers.

Book a sightseeing lake cruise in Old Forge and give the gift of a scenic, serene outing for your loved one. Open through the summer, Old Forge Lake Cruises offers Sightseeing Cruises that follow historic steamboat routes in Old Forge. About 2 hours long, they travel through First, Second, Third, and Fourth Lakes and provide an unforgettable window into the Adirondack’s history.

Have a film lover on your list? Buy a couple of tickets to a blockbuster at the Strand Theatre! Opened in 1923, the Strand is a vintage theater that shows recent releases at fantastic prices. With film memorabilia and old-fashioned décor, your loved one will take a step back in time for a nostalgic visit. An old world theater committed to satisfying guests of all ages, the Strand Theatre is a go-to for families!

Shopping for a wine connoisseur? Old Forge has many different wineries that offer a variety of delicious, high-quality wine. Book a trip for a group and head to Montezuma Winery for a taste of Old Forge at fantastic prices. A small, cozy winery in the middle of Old Forge, Montezuma Winery offers wine tasting and bottles of wine to satisfy anyone’s taste. Looking to impress a wine-lover in your life? Purchase a bottle of Montezuma’s Old Forge wine, specifically labeled for their location in Old Forge. The wines are exclusive to Old Forge and exhibit a feeling of the Adirondacks.

There’s no doubt that the best snowmobiling in the Northeast is here in Old Forge. Did you know that it is referred to as ‘The Snowmobile Capital of the East’?! Snowmobilers rush up North in troves to ride on the powdery, groomed trails that provide endless fun and breathtaking views of Old Forge. Here are some tips and tricks to take advantage of your time snowmobiling in the Adirondacks.

Trail Access:

The Old Forge snowmobile trails connect with all major trail systems in Central and Upstate New York. The trails are groomed daily to ensure prime riding conditions. You can also access trail reports that evaluate different trails as marginal, good, great, and fair depending on their coverage and bumps, giving you a variety of conditions to choose from!

Did you know? Old Forge Camping Resort has direct access to Trail 5, as well as miles and miles of groomed trails through the town of Webb and Inlet, which accommodate any level or desire of snowmobilers. What’s better than having trail access right in your backyard?!

You can also fill up your snowmobile in the Enchanted Forest Water Safari parking lot across from Waters Edge Inn at Enchanted Gas, which is open 24/7 and is easily accessible from Trails 1 and 5. Only credit and debit cards are accepted, so be sure to bring your card! Take the hassle out of filling up your snowmobile and hit the trails as early as possible!


Who enjoys hitching and hauling their snowmobile up North because you are unable to stay the whole season? Park your snowmobile trailer at the Old Forge Camping Resort for the winter season and use it as you please. The grounds are maintained and monitored daily, providing security to your snowmobile. Even more convenient, you can securely access your sled at any time! At $300 per site for the season, this option saves you time, money, and traveling – leaving you with only the best aspects of snowmobiling to enjoy in Old Forge!

Packages & Offers:


Old Forge Camping Resort offers many great packages to help you make the most of your day in Old Forge! You can see our full list of winter packages here: 

Our sister property, Water’s Edge Inn offers many great plans and packages also! Purchase a Full Season Permit, Weekday Season Permit, or a Seven Consecutive Days Permit to fit your needs at a reasonable price! Prices are per snowmobile and can be purchased during the Inn’s operational hours at the Tourism Information Center, making it easy to get your snowmobile on the road!

Water’s Edge Inn also offers a Snowmobile Park & Ride offer. The discount package includes a two weeknight stay for two guests in your choice of a Lakeview Double or Standard Double room. Also, enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants in the area, and a complimentary continental breakfast every morning of your stay. What’s better than a warm breakfast before a cold, snowy day on the trails?!


After a long day of snowmobiling fun, we imagine you will have worked up quite the appetite. Luckily, Old Forge has a plethora of restaurants for you to pick from. Most restaurants have a wide variety of options to satisfy everyone in your party’s needs. Try a delicious hot dog from the Adirondack Dog House, a delicious breakfast from Walt’s Diner, or a warm cup of coffee from Ozzie’s Coffee Bar. No matter where you stop in, you can’t go wrong!

Kickoff the weekend by getting a peek at 2018 Snowmobile models by the 4 major manufacturers at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center Pavilion in Old Forge!

Come Saturday to experience the history of snowmobiles with the Vintage Snowmobile Show and Swap Meet beginning at 8am. Then head over to watch the Annual Kitty-Cat Snowmobile Races, followed by an appearance from Santa and Mrs. Claus! Take advantage while these special guests are here, capture this memorable photo op available 1-4pm. Be sure to swing back over to the snowmobile show to find out who takes home the win in 17 different categories at 2pm.

Plus Enjoy the AmSnow Dynotech Research New York Shootout on Saturday, December 9th, 2017, at Chip and Cindy Sauer's Track, behind The Ole Barn - The Ole Barn is located at 74 Limekiln Road, Inlet, NY. Gates open at 8 a.m. The shootout starts at 11 a.m. - snow or no snow! The spectator fee is $10. Trail riders can run 660 feet for $10. This event will host the four snowmobile manufacturers: Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Yamaha, and Polaris, as well as shop-modified runs. Water’s Edge Inn & Old Forge Camping Resort are proud to be a sponsor of this event! 

We put the newest stock snowmobiles on the radar gun for the first time to see which one can claim bragging rights as the 2017-18 snowmobile season gets underway. But that's not all! You'll also witness some of North America's top performance shops showcasing their products down Chip & Cindy Sauer's quarter-mile track behind The Ole Barn restaurant. Plenty of food, beverages, and fun to be had. This is one wild snowmobile party you don't want to miss!

On Sunday, come on out for your chance to win in the raffle! Drawings for the youth raffle and a raffle for a new 2018 snowmobile of your choice and cash prizes, starts at 1pm. It’s sure to bring in the crowd!


Hazy and humid summer days are long gone, autumn’s vibrant and colorful leaves have fallen, and winter is upon us! Old Forge is a beautiful and fun place to plan a camping trip or quick weekend getaway. Whether you’re enjoying hot cocoa by the fire at Waters Edge Inn or roasting s’mores at Old Forge Camping Resort, you are sure to have a great time. Why let tedious packing ruin your excitement?

Here a few ways to pay more efficiently for your trip to the Adirondacks:

1.) Make a checklist.

What is a better way to keep the stress out of packing than to create a list? Camping checklists can be found online, but it is also a good idea to create a list customized to your family. By writing out everything you need ahead of time, you’ll be able to put everything in your suitcase right before you go with the assurance that you have not forgotten anything. Plus, you’ll be able to make sure you have everything before you leave and once you get back home.

2.) Roll clothing, don’t fold.

Flannels, thermals, sweatpants, and socks!! You will want to pack thick, cozy layers to keep you warm and toasty on brisk mornings. Because the bulk of warm clothing can take up a lot of room in your suitcase, roll your clothing instead of folding it. Fold shirts and pants in half lengthwise and roll them up. Put pieces of clothing on top of one another before folding to keep outfits intact! This method prevents wrinkles and leaves ample room for the rest of your clothing. Plus, it’ll be easier to spot the article of clothing you’re digging to find. 

3.) “Last in, first out”.

A good rule-of-thumb is to pack your vehicle with the idea of “last in, first out”. Stowaway items that you will not need in your car first, while packing the things you’ll need first in last. This saves you the frustration of rummaging through pillows, coolers, bags, and suitcases to find a blanket to cover up with or a treat to snack on during your trip. 

4.) Use plastic bins

Odds are, you plan to spend some time outdoors during your stay in the Adirondacks. You’ll want to bring your hiking boots, activewear, backpacks, water, and miscellaneous items, like bug spray and a first aid kit. Instead of rifling through your suitcase for what you need and throwing your muddy gear back in with your clothes, purchase a few large or medium sized plastic bins. Organize your supplies according to what you plan to do on your trip. This is perfect to leave in the car and which make sure you’re not running around, scrambling for supplies at the last minute. 

Winter is the time of year most families retreat indoors and say goodbye to the endless adventures of the outdoors. Camping gear is packed away and not thought of again until next spring. But what if all that could change? 

Winter camping is an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors, even in those cold months. It can also be a great family bonding experience! To make the best of your winter camping getaway, we have compiled a list of winter camping hacks, to help keep you warm and your spirits up! 

Water Bottle in Sleeping Bag: boil water and pour it into water bottles. Place the bottles in the bottoms of sleeping bags and it will warm your toes all night!

Extra padding: air mattresses, yoga mats, and any other padding is great to put in your sleeping bag. This will add more insulation between you and the ground, making it that much easier to fall asleep comfortably. 

Dance party: Having a dance party is a great way to warm up and get the whole family laughing and having fun! 

Sleeping close together: family camping is perfect for the winter because more people = more heat. 

Wear less to bed: sleep in only a warm base layer, this allows the sleeping bag to fill up with heat, instead of your clothes absorbing it all.

Bring lawn chairs: avoid sitting in the snow by bringing lawn chairs for the whole family! That way when you gather around the campfire, you can stay warmer. 

Store water bottles upside down: water freezes from the top down, placing them upside down will allow for the water at the bottom to freeze first, so you can still drink it!

Open vents: before calling it a day, open the vents of the tent. This will prevent condensation from freezing on the tent overnight. 

For the best camping experience, bring your family to the Old Forge Camping Resort! Set in the Adirondacks and open all year long, it is a great place for the whole family. They have heated restrooms and showers, kitchen stations for tent and cabin campers and 24-hour security! Not only will you and your family feel safe and comfortable at Old Forge Camping Resort, but you will be surrounded by non-stop fun too! 

For more information, check out our site!



Why stop doing what you love because of the weather? The winter can be one of the best times to explore nature, but there’s a lot to prepare for in such a cold season. Being someone who can brave the frigid temperatures won’t cut it out here – it pays to be prepared for the wintry outdoors. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, there are many things to be aware of in order to enjoy your time on the snowy trails. Here are a few things to keep in mind while hiking during the upcoming winter months. 


1.) Be sure to research your location.

Hiking locations can vary considerably between the summer and winter months. Be mindful of the lack of daylight hours and how long you will be. Certain parts of the trail may be closed off due to extreme weather conditions and some trails may be closed altogether. It pays to find a location that is the right fit for you. 

2.) Check the weather before you head out for your expedition.

This one seems like a given. However, weather can change without expectation in the blink of an eye. You want to be aware of the precipitation, avalanche reports, daylight hours, and wind speed. There’s no need to be a winter weather expert, but make sure to do your research. Snowy conditions can be scary, so it is always good to know when to draw the line and postpone your hike.

3.) Invest in the proper gear that will withstand the elements.

Not only will you want to pile on the layers, but you will also need quality, durable clothing in order to stay warm and comfortable as you trek through the snow. A good rule of thumb: You do not want to have on too many layers. A top, middle, and bottom layer will keep you warm and give you accessibility.

Your main priority is your safety – white-outs and avalanches do happen, so make sure you are prepared for anything and everything. An ice ax, gaiters, goggles, and snowshoes are always good to have. 

4.) Take the same precautions as you would in the summer.

Just because you cannot see the sun does not mean that it isn’t there - make sure you pack sunscreen! The sun reflects off of white snow and the higher up you trek, the stronger it will be. Make sure you stay hydrated, well-fed, and don’t forget your sunglasses– even if that isn’t your priority in the cold weather! 


5.) Bring supplies to eat and cook.

Simply put, your food will freeze. Plus, you want to prepare for the possibility that you may get stuck in a storm. (We don’t want to think about it, either, but better to be safe than sorry!) As with any form of exercise, you want to fuel your body so that you do not feel fatigued during your hike. 

There’s no need to pile on the pots and pans, but make sure to bring some matches and non-perishable food for the day. Liquid-fuel stoves are recommended for cold temperatures and are more helpful than a canister. It is also smart to bring a windscreen and heat exchanger to help make cooking easier. 



1.) Do not go alone.

It is a good idea to share the trip with a few nature-loving friends with you as well. It wouldn’t hurt to have varying skill sets to prepare you for all kinds of potential problems. You never know when you’ll need your buddy who is well-versed in snow travel or your sister who is a genius with route finding to help you out in a pinch! Make sure you keep pace with the slowest in the group so you all stay together – you don’t want to lose one another out there! 

2.) Do not underestimate the elements.

Hiking in the winter is a completely different experience than in the other seasons. There are extreme risks associated with the winter that you should be prepared for. The snow can make visibility difficult and the low temperatures can present new challenges that you will not have to worry about the warmer weather. Consider going on a shorter trail or limiting your outdoor exposure time. If you see the weather start to take a turn for the worst, be prepared to turn around and call it a day! 

3.) Do not rely on your cell phone for emergency help.

Though it is always good to have, cell phones cannot protect you against low temperatures and dangerous conditions. Moreover, you may not be able to receive service on your hike. Personal locator beacons and snow saws may not be on your shopping list, but it pays to be prepared. 

4.) Do not forget the basics. 

Though it’s important to put emphasis on the equipment you need specifically for the winter, it is crucial to not overlook your basic amenities. Be sure to pack a map, guidebook, compass, first-aid kit, waterproof matches, any medications you may need, and a Swiss-army knife on your trek. Winter hiking certainly is different than warm weather hiking, but not too different. 

5.) Don’t forget to leave your plans with a friend or family member.

It is always important to let someone know where you are in case of an emergency. Make sure you inform someone of your plans for your hike and try to stick to them as closely as possible. Also, sign a hiking register, if available. Make sure you have everybody’s phone numbers, and that someone apart from the hike knows how to contact you. Most importantly, let someone know when you leave and when you return.


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