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Best Ice Cream in Old Forge

Nothing Says Summer like a scoop of Ice Cream! Doesn’t ice cream make everything better – even an awesome day around Old Forge! Here are our top picks for the best Ice Cream in the Old Forge Area! 

Dining at Pied Piper is like stepping back in time to the 50s! This old-fashioned ice cream stand features three assorted flavors of soft-serve ice cream and 20 flavors of hard ice cream. Milkshakes are a favorite and so are floats and banana splits. Relax at a picnic table and watch folks go down the water slides, walk to the edge of Old Forge Pond and sit by the water on a bench, or walk to the dam while you enjoy your ice cream.

With the slogan, "Benny's! Who needs Jerry!" Benny’s Ice Cream will fulfil your cold, creamy desires. Benny’s serves the finest custard around which means you’ll get the creamiest and richest flavor ice cream, they blend egg and a higher milk-fat. All ingredients of this delectable delight are from New York State Dairies and distributors in the Central New York region. Complementary sprinkles will top off your custard nicely!

Served inside Enchanted Forest Water Safari at two locations, Dippin’ Dots is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Next to the Oasis Cafe in the middle of the park and next to the circus area and dry rides, Ice Cream of the Future® awaits you and your crew! Made of tiny ice cream 'dots,' flavors are blended to create offerings such as Banana Split, Cookies 'N Cream, Rainbow Ice, Caramel Brownie Sundae and many more. Dippin' Dots® ice cream is the coldest ice cream around...what an excellent treat on a hot, sunny day! 

Adirondack Pizzeria & Arcade - This Old Forge staple proudly serves soft serve ice cream and Mercer’s hard ice cream, made locally in Upstate NY. You can enjoy hand-spun milkshakes and blizzards, banana splits, hot fudge brownie delight, old-fashioned sodas and floats, and ice cream sundaes all with endless possibilities of toppings! Take home Mercer’s hard ice cream too, pints are available for purchase!

Hiking is a great pastime. It gets you out in the fresh air, and gives you plenty of exercise. It makes you appreciate nature, it makes you healthier, and it makes you hungry.

Because none of the the 2,558 miles of wilderness trails in throughout the Adirondacks feature restaurants or snack bars, it is probably wise to bring some sustenance. 

Planning nutrition for a day of hiking is more than a bottle of water and a granola bar.  Your food and water needs are generally higher than usual on active trips First and foremost, always bring plenty of water, especially on hot days. Pre-hydrate by drinking at least 4 cups of water before a hike so you have less to carry. Then, a good rule of thumb is to plan for about 2 cups of fluid for every hour of hiking.

For day hiking it is a good idea to bring non-perishable foods, so coolers and ice are not an issue. Remember, the more you carry, he harder it is to hike, so choose foods that are relatively lightweight and dense on nutrition. 

The best choices include: 

Trail Mix

Nuts, Seeds, Nut-Based Bars or Nut Butter Packs

Dried Or Freeze-Dried Fruits And Veggies

Energy Bars, Chews Or Gels

Granola Or Granola Bars

Whole-Grain Tortillas

Poultry, Salmon or Meat Jerky

After a day of adventure in the Adirondacks, enjoy an evening under the stars at Old Forge Camping resort or premier accommodations at Water’s Edge Inn in Old Forge. 


When getting ready for your ADK water trip, the first thing you need to do is look down. Yes, look down at your feet. First off, cover them. While barefoot in a kayak or boat may seem like a good idea, you more than likely will end up walking on wet, slippery (and even sharp) rocks.  Don’t go cheap, invest in some study sandals or shoes with good tread. Chaco, Teva, and Keen get the job done for sandals, and Solomon makes a great pair of light shoes that dry fast and have great tread. 

Now that your feet are good, consider your skin. Obviously, a good sunscreen is essential, but beyond sunburn, the wind, sand and water can make your personal outer layer quite uncomfortable. Bring a good lotion to keep your skin moist and fresh. 

When you are rafting or boating, your clothes are going to get wet, there’s no way around it. So make sure you have some plastic bags (Ziploc work great) to store those damp items and keep them from getting your other clothes and items wet until you can properly dry them. 

When it comes time to take a break from your river activities, you’re going to want to sit and enjoy the non-aquatic scenery. Half a yoga mat, small old blanket, or tarp make a good ground cover for your timeout. 


Swimsuit: May be worn as a first layer

Shorts: quick drying shorts can double as a swimsuit for men.

Hiking boots, water sport sandals 

Socks: Polypropylene or wool

Shirts: long sleeved is best for sun protection

Sweater or jacket: Fleece or Wool

Baseball cap or visor (with strap) for sun protection

Water bottle 



Insect repellant

Small towels and toiletries

Sunscreen/ lip balm

Moisturizer/Skin lotion

Wet Wipes

Bike gloves to protect hands while paddling (optional)

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own canoe, kayak, or stand up paddleboard (SUP) Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company in Old Forge offers daily and multi day rentals.  After a day discovering the beautiful waterways of the Adirondacks, the adventures continue at Water Safari Resort featuring Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park. Complete your stay in the Adirondacks by staying at either Old Forge Camping Resort, or if you prefer even more relaxation Water’s Edge Inn, the premier hotel in Old Forge!

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is New York’s largest water theme park. But with 32 heated water rides for all ages, and speeds, how do you plan your aquatic agenda? Here’s a start…..

The Top Five Water Rides at Water Safari:

Shadow – With two sides to choose from, the Shadow will keep you twisting and turning until the very end. Will they be able to see your shadow from the ground below?


Silverback – Our newest double-tube water ride. On “The Silverback” (our shortened name for it) riders experience a 100 foot drop into a large 40-foot-diameter bowl where they circle the bowl dropping out the middle into the splash pool below.


Black River – This double tube slide is completely dark until you hit the bottom. This is sure to be the most thrilling 30 seconds of your life! Take the Plunge.


Safari River Expedition – This ‘Lazy River’ is a nice way to relax and soak up the sun as you briskly float along under bridges and waterslides.


Sawmill – Bring the entire gang to the Sawmill to enjoy waterslides and water sprays together. Parents can take their kids down the waterslides or catch them at the bottom when they come splashing down. As you head up the stairs there are a variety of slides and excitement levels to choose from. Watch out for the 1,000 gallon log that is filling up with water, you never know when it’s going to spill!

Bald Mountain—For adventurous beginners, take a step up to the Bald Mountain /Rondaxe Fire Tower, you can find it on route 28, 4.5 miles north of Old Forge. The trail is intermediate two-mile round-trip, with short, steep sections. Once you get to the top, you have a breathtaking view of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. 

TOBIE Trail—For a casual short and flat hike, try the TOBIE Trail, connecting Thendara, Old Forge Big Moose, Inlet and Eagle Bay. From Thendara to Old Forge, it’s a paved two mile stretch from the Thendara train station to North Street. Try also the two-mile paved trail from the Eagle Bay Welcome Center to Inlet Arrow Park. 


Moss Lake—Moss Lake, located three miles from Eagle Bay is a 2.5-mile casual hike around the lake, offering great scenery and mostly flat land.


Black Bear Mountain—Black Bear Mountain near the village of Inlet, offers two starting points from Uncas road and Route 28. The Route 28 entryway offers opportunities to create a loop to lengthen your journey.  Black Bear Mountain from Route 28 is the most popular approach, but a secondary approach can be found leaving from Uncas Road. Using the Route 28 trailhead you have an excellent opportunity to create a loop for a slightly longer outing. 


Cascade Lake—The 6.4-mile loop of trail on Cascade Lake, off Big Moose Road in Eagle Bay, offers 6.4 miles of trail giving an uninterrupted 3.5 hours of natural wonder. 


Nick’s Lake —A very popular hike is located at the Nick’s Lake Campground. Here you’ll find the 4.5-mile Nick’s Lake Loop. Located in the Black River Wild Forest, this pleasant stroll offers a gentle grade except for one steep climb near the bridge at Nick’s Creek. 


After your Old Forge hike, the adventures continue at Water Safari Resort featuring Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park. Your stay in the Adirondacks will be complete staying at either Old Forge Camping Resort, or if you prefer even more relaxation, then Water’s Edge Inn will be perfect!


1. Enchanted Forest Water Safari—  New York's Largest Water Theme Park with more than 50 rides and attractions including 32 heated outdoor water rides 


2. Old Forge Lake Cruises—An historic guided steamboat cruise through fresh Adirondack Air and sparkling lake water. 


3. Strand Theater—Enjoy first-run films in a charming 1920s era neighborhood movie house.


4. Old Forge Hardware—If you’re looking for it, it’s probably here, for more than a century The Old Forge Hardware has served as a bustling center of commerce.


5. Calypsos Cove—An all-inclusive family fun park offering afternoon and evening activities at an affordable price.


6. View— The multi arts center in Old Forge features exhibitions, performances, workshops and special events


7. McCauley Mountain Scenic Chairlift Ride—See the Fulton Chain of Lakes and the magnificent Adirondack scenery from this incredible viewing point. 


8. Bald Mountain—Hike one mile and ascend 500 feet to the 2,350-foot summit for a breathtaking view of the Adirondack Park as well as fascinating wild life. 


9. Main Street—Take a stroll and visit more than 40 shops and restaurants. 


10. Hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, boating…..hey, it’s in the heart of the Adirondacks!

Heading to Old Forge and the Central Adirondacks? Don’t forget your camera, because photo ops abound.

For sheer beauty of nature, you can’t beat The Adirondack Park. There is easy access to most of the state-owned public lands that feature trails across the mountains, and boat launches on accessible lakes and waterways.

Early evenings on Fourth Lake provide the most beautiful sunsets you’ll see anywhere. 

Get a celebrity photo with Old Forge’s most famous resident, the statue of Paul Bunyan at the Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

From Bald Mountain, you can capture a birds-eye panoramic view of miles and miles of natural beauty. 

If you’re a little less adventurous, the McCauley mountain scenic chairlift ride will give you a clear view of the Fulton Chain of Lakes with Whiteface Mountain and Mount Marcy on the horizon. 

Capture rustic Americana with the charming shops and restaurant along Main Street.

The Old Mill Restaurant’s working water mill provides an interesting backdrop for a family portrait. 

And, even though seeing one is rare, you never know, you may just spot and capture an image of an Adirondack Moose, these enormous creatures are beautiful and awe-inspiring. Remember though, you’re in their home, so photograph and treat them with respect. 


Nothing exemplifies an Adirondack adventure like a canoe gliding along the water, but with more than 3,000 lakes and ponds, and more than 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, where do you go for the best experience?

On the large scale, there’s the Fulton Chain of Lakes, eight lakes creating 16 miles of paddling enjoyment. The Fulton chain begins at Old Forge Pond then travels one mile to first lake through second, third and then a channel to fourth lake lake past eagle bay towards Inlet about 10 miles towards fifth lake. From there you need to portage to sixth and seventh lakes, then portage to Eighth. For the truly adventurous, a one-mile portage takes you to Raquette Lake and the northern routes.

The North Branch of Moose River is the epitome of a relaxing Adirondack Adventure. Small Sandy Beaches dot the banks and are ideal for picnicking and swimming. You can also spot a variety of wild life, including deer, otter and herons. Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company offers daily rentals, as well as a shuttle from their location to the River. Mountainman starts every season with new (and the most comfortable) canoes and kayaks to help insure a pleasant river trip.

Scattered across the majestic landscape of mountains and hills are backcountry ponds that are the perfect place for relaxing flat water paddling along breathtaking scenery. Lighter canoes and kayaks are recommended, however, as you will no doubt want to spend time portaging between the bodies. 

Moss Lake, nestled at the foot of steep mountain, right past Inlet, provides a beautiful and quiet half day paddle, where you may spot nesting osprey and loons. An observation deck with built-in benches located on the lake shore can be reached by the accessible trail providing a spectacular view of the lake. 

Make it a more moving adventure with treks along the Marion River and the Raquette River. Take in the varieties (and smells) of wildflowers along the banks and delight in the birds and other wildlife that are there to greet you. 

Wherever you Adirondack Paddling Adventure takes you, enjoy your evening under the stars at Old Forge Camping Resort or at Old Forge’s Premier Hotel, Water’s Edge Inn. 


Churning waters and picturesque landscape make a perfect combination for white water rafting in the Adirondacks. With several levels of excitement available, common trips include the Black River and Moose River. 

The Black River Gorge offers seven miles of whitewater rafting from Watertown to Brownville and offers a challenge for rafters of all levels.  In the spring, experienced rafters can thrill to Class IV-V rapids. 

For three weeks only, every April, the Moose River’s 13 Miles of Class V Rapids offers the ultimate whitewater rafting challenge. Icy waters and big drops is the reason why rafting on Big Moose has been referred to as "Slam-dancing with Mother Nature".

In the summer, after the water level drops, the rapids become accessible Class III, making it ideal for families. Slower water means more time for relaxing and water horseplay.  Enjoy also the impressive scenery within the 100-foot-deep canyon. After your visit on the river you might consider spending more time on the water at Water Safari Resort, New York’s Largest Water Theme Park! Overnight stays for rafting enthusiasts are complete at either Water’s Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort at Water Safari Resort.


What should I pack for my Adirondack Hike? The answer is not as obvious as it seems. You need to ask yourself some questions first, such as where and for how long you plan your hike to be and plan accordingly.

Before you look up at a mountain, you need to look down…at your feet. Before you venture out or up, leave the flip flops and cowboy boots at home, while stylish and comfortable, they will do you no good on the trails. Wear wool or synthetic socks. Cotton absorbs moisture and the moisture can cause friction which leads to blisters. Next you should have properly broken in boots. They should be comfortable and the proper size. You can opt for trail running shoes, which is close to that of a sneaker. Whether your footwear is waterproof is a personal choice. 

Now that your feet are set, what to bring?

Water—Carry 1 liter for every two hours you are out. 

Rain jacket—Lightweight, this can also be used as a wind barrier.

Food—When determining how much to bring, estimate the length of your trip and then being a little extra. It doesn’t weigh much and getting back to the car with a little extra food is much better than being weakened by hunger five miles away.  

Dry socks and shirt—Carried in a waterproof bag.

Map and compass—Carrying them is not enough. Learn how to use them before  you go out. 

First aid kit— Bandages of all sizes, gauze, sling antiseptic, anti-bacteria ointment, compression wrap, scissors. 

Some source of light—A headlamp is preferred by many over a flashlight because it leaves your hands free. Bringing a backup headlamp with extra batteries is a good idea. Before you start to think you won’t need one because you plan on being back before nightfall, understand that anything can happen and you are much better off finding your way back with a lamp than in the dark. 

Safety kit—In a waterproof container, carry matches and lighter, tinder small candle, multi-tool, mirror, whistle, garbage bag, duct tape, emergency blanket.

Optional gear can include rain pants, bandana, sun screen, bug repellant, cell phone, camera, hat, GPS, sunglasses

Of course, the best way to relax after an Adirondack Hike is by the Campfire at Old Forge Camping Resort.




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