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Enchanted Forest Water Safari is New York’s largest water theme park. But with 32 heated water rides for all ages, and speeds, how do you plan your aquatic agenda? Here’s a start…..

The Top Five Water Rides at Water Safari:

Shadow – With two sides to choose from, the Shadow will keep you twisting and turning until the very end. Will they be able to see your shadow from the ground below?


Silverback – Our newest double-tube water ride. On “The Silverback” (our shortened name for it) riders experience a 100 foot drop into a large 40-foot-diameter bowl where they circle the bowl dropping out the middle into the splash pool below.


Black River – This double tube slide is completely dark until you hit the bottom. This is sure to be the most thrilling 30 seconds of your life! Take the Plunge.


Safari River Expedition – This ‘Lazy River’ is a nice way to relax and soak up the sun as you briskly float along under bridges and waterslides.


Sawmill – Bring the entire gang to the Sawmill to enjoy waterslides and water sprays together. Parents can take their kids down the waterslides or catch them at the bottom when they come splashing down. As you head up the stairs there are a variety of slides and excitement levels to choose from. Watch out for the 1,000 gallon log that is filling up with water, you never know when it’s going to spill!

Bald Mountain—For adventurous beginners, take a step up to the Bald Mountain /Rondaxe Fire Tower, you can find it on route 28, 4.5 miles north of Old Forge. The trail is intermediate two-mile round-trip, with short, steep sections. Once you get to the top, you have a breathtaking view of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. 

TOBIE Trail—For a casual short and flat hike, try the TOBIE Trail, connecting Thendara, Old Forge Big Moose, Inlet and Eagle Bay. From Thendara to Old Forge, it’s a paved two mile stretch from the Thendara train station to North Street. Try also the two-mile paved trail from the Eagle Bay Welcome Center to Inlet Arrow Park. 


Moss Lake—Moss Lake, located three miles from Eagle Bay is a 2.5-mile casual hike around the lake, offering great scenery and mostly flat land.


Black Bear Mountain—Black Bear Mountain near the village of Inlet, offers two starting points from Uncas road and Route 28. The Route 28 entryway offers opportunities to create a loop to lengthen your journey.  Black Bear Mountain from Route 28 is the most popular approach, but a secondary approach can be found leaving from Uncas Road. Using the Route 28 trailhead you have an excellent opportunity to create a loop for a slightly longer outing. 


Cascade Lake—The 6.4-mile loop of trail on Cascade Lake, off Big Moose Road in Eagle Bay, offers 6.4 miles of trail giving an uninterrupted 3.5 hours of natural wonder. 


Nick’s Lake —A very popular hike is located at the Nick’s Lake Campground. Here you’ll find the 4.5-mile Nick’s Lake Loop. Located in the Black River Wild Forest, this pleasant stroll offers a gentle grade except for one steep climb near the bridge at Nick’s Creek. 


After your Old Forge hike, the adventures continue at Water Safari Resort featuring Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park. Your stay in the Adirondacks will be complete staying at either Old Forge Camping Resort, or if you prefer even more relaxation, then Water’s Edge Inn will be perfect!


1. Enchanted Forest Water Safari—  New York's Largest Water Theme Park with more than 50 rides and attractions including 32 heated outdoor water rides 


2. Old Forge Lake Cruises—An historic guided steamboat cruise through fresh Adirondack Air and sparkling lake water. 


3. Strand Theater—Enjoy first-run films in a charming 1920s era neighborhood movie house.


4. Old Forge Hardware—If you’re looking for it, it’s probably here, for more than a century The Old Forge Hardware has served as a bustling center of commerce.


5. Calypsos Cove—An all-inclusive family fun park offering afternoon and evening activities at an affordable price.


6. View— The multi arts center in Old Forge features exhibitions, performances, workshops and special events


7. McCauley Mountain Scenic Chairlift Ride—See the Fulton Chain of Lakes and the magnificent Adirondack scenery from this incredible viewing point. 


8. Bald Mountain—Hike one mile and ascend 500 feet to the 2,350-foot summit for a breathtaking view of the Adirondack Park as well as fascinating wild life. 


9. Main Street—Take a stroll and visit more than 40 shops and restaurants. 


10. Hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, boating…..hey, it’s in the heart of the Adirondacks!

Heading to Old Forge and the Central Adirondacks? Don’t forget your camera, because photo ops abound.

For sheer beauty of nature, you can’t beat The Adirondack Park. There is easy access to most of the state-owned public lands that feature trails across the mountains, and boat launches on accessible lakes and waterways.

Early evenings on Fourth Lake provide the most beautiful sunsets you’ll see anywhere. 

Get a celebrity photo with Old Forge’s most famous resident, the statue of Paul Bunyan at the Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

From Bald Mountain, you can capture a birds-eye panoramic view of miles and miles of natural beauty. 

If you’re a little less adventurous, the McCauley mountain scenic chairlift ride will give you a clear view of the Fulton Chain of Lakes with Whiteface Mountain and Mount Marcy on the horizon. 

Capture rustic Americana with the charming shops and restaurant along Main Street.

The Old Mill Restaurant’s working water mill provides an interesting backdrop for a family portrait. 

And, even though seeing one is rare, you never know, you may just spot and capture an image of an Adirondack Moose, these enormous creatures are beautiful and awe-inspiring. Remember though, you’re in their home, so photograph and treat them with respect. 


Nothing exemplifies an Adirondack adventure like a canoe gliding along the water, but with more than 3,000 lakes and ponds, and more than 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, where do you go for the best experience?

On the large scale, there’s the Fulton Chain of Lakes, eight lakes creating 16 miles of paddling enjoyment. The Fulton chain begins at Old Forge Pond then travels one mile to first lake through second, third and then a channel to fourth lake lake past eagle bay towards Inlet about 10 miles towards fifth lake. From there you need to portage to sixth and seventh lakes, then portage to Eighth. For the truly adventurous, a one-mile portage takes you to Raquette Lake and the northern routes.

The North Branch of Moose River is the epitome of a relaxing Adirondack Adventure. Small Sandy Beaches dot the banks and are ideal for picnicking and swimming. You can also spot a variety of wild life, including deer, otter and herons. Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company offers daily rentals, as well as a shuttle from their location to the River. Mountainman starts every season with new (and the most comfortable) canoes and kayaks to help insure a pleasant river trip.

Scattered across the majestic landscape of mountains and hills are backcountry ponds that are the perfect place for relaxing flat water paddling along breathtaking scenery. Lighter canoes and kayaks are recommended, however, as you will no doubt want to spend time portaging between the bodies. 

Moss Lake, nestled at the foot of steep mountain, right past Inlet, provides a beautiful and quiet half day paddle, where you may spot nesting osprey and loons. An observation deck with built-in benches located on the lake shore can be reached by the accessible trail providing a spectacular view of the lake. 

Make it a more moving adventure with treks along the Marion River and the Raquette River. Take in the varieties (and smells) of wildflowers along the banks and delight in the birds and other wildlife that are there to greet you. 

Wherever you Adirondack Paddling Adventure takes you, enjoy your evening under the stars at Old Forge Camping Resort or at Old Forge’s Premier Hotel, Water’s Edge Inn. 


Churning waters and picturesque landscape make a perfect combination for white water rafting in the Adirondacks. With several levels of excitement available, common trips include the Black River and Moose River. 

The Black River Gorge offers seven miles of whitewater rafting from Watertown to Brownville and offers a challenge for rafters of all levels.  In the spring, experienced rafters can thrill to Class IV-V rapids. 

For three weeks only, every April, the Moose River’s 13 Miles of Class V Rapids offers the ultimate whitewater rafting challenge. Icy waters and big drops is the reason why rafting on Big Moose has been referred to as "Slam-dancing with Mother Nature".

In the summer, after the water level drops, the rapids become accessible Class III, making it ideal for families. Slower water means more time for relaxing and water horseplay.  Enjoy also the impressive scenery within the 100-foot-deep canyon. After your visit on the river you might consider spending more time on the water at Water Safari Resort, New York’s Largest Water Theme Park! Overnight stays for rafting enthusiasts are complete at either Water’s Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort at Water Safari Resort.


What should I pack for my Adirondack Hike? The answer is not as obvious as it seems. You need to ask yourself some questions first, such as where and for how long you plan your hike to be and plan accordingly.

Before you look up at a mountain, you need to look down…at your feet. Before you venture out or up, leave the flip flops and cowboy boots at home, while stylish and comfortable, they will do you no good on the trails. Wear wool or synthetic socks. Cotton absorbs moisture and the moisture can cause friction which leads to blisters. Next you should have properly broken in boots. They should be comfortable and the proper size. You can opt for trail running shoes, which is close to that of a sneaker. Whether your footwear is waterproof is a personal choice. 

Now that your feet are set, what to bring?

Water—Carry 1 liter for every two hours you are out. 

Rain jacket—Lightweight, this can also be used as a wind barrier.

Food—When determining how much to bring, estimate the length of your trip and then being a little extra. It doesn’t weigh much and getting back to the car with a little extra food is much better than being weakened by hunger five miles away.  

Dry socks and shirt—Carried in a waterproof bag.

Map and compass—Carrying them is not enough. Learn how to use them before  you go out. 

First aid kit— Bandages of all sizes, gauze, sling antiseptic, anti-bacteria ointment, compression wrap, scissors. 

Some source of light—A headlamp is preferred by many over a flashlight because it leaves your hands free. Bringing a backup headlamp with extra batteries is a good idea. Before you start to think you won’t need one because you plan on being back before nightfall, understand that anything can happen and you are much better off finding your way back with a lamp than in the dark. 

Safety kit—In a waterproof container, carry matches and lighter, tinder small candle, multi-tool, mirror, whistle, garbage bag, duct tape, emergency blanket.

Optional gear can include rain pants, bandana, sun screen, bug repellant, cell phone, camera, hat, GPS, sunglasses

Of course, the best way to relax after an Adirondack Hike is by the Campfire at Old Forge Camping Resort.



 Old Forge’s Stay ‘N Play Destination,Enchanted Forest Water Safari (EFWS), Water’s Edge Inn, Old Forge Camping Resort and Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Center are now hiring for the 2017 Season.There are available positions in Admission Cashiers, Food Service/Catering, Games, Grounds Crew, Photographers, Water and Dry Ride Operators, Lifeguards, Certified EMTs / Security, Hotel/Campground, Reservations, Retail Stores, Housekeeping, Guest Services and more. Apply online at watersafari.com/employment/apply-now or stop by the Enchanted Forest Water Safari Office (3183 State Route 28, Old Forge) any Wednesday between 9am - 5pm for a guaranteed on-the-spot interview.  Additional interviews will be scheduled starting in February.All employees receive benefits that include free admission tickets to EFWS, exclusive team member events, free tickets to area attractions, the opportunity to earn team member rewards, opportunity to apply for the scholarship program, on site housing, area bus transportation and the opportunities for advancement.Old Forge Camping Resort is located next door to Water Safari offering year-round Adirondack lodging and special seasonal themed events. This family-friendly, versatile campground provides heated cabins and cottages as well as RV hook-up sites and tent sites. Water’s Edge Inn is Old Forge’s premiere lodging destination offering hotel amenities in a warm, all-season resort located directly across the street from Water Safari. All year ‘round things keep busy with the popularity of Old Forge as a winter destination.Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park is next door to Water Safari. Open summer afternoons and evenings, attractions include go-kart, zipline and mini golf, plus an arcade, pizza, wings and more.  EFWS is New York's largest water theme park with more than 50 rides and attractions, including 32 water rides.  The park also features classic amusement rides for all ages, fun food, exciting games storybook characters, a family circus show and more.

Ladies and gentlemen start your sleds!  Old Forge, New York in the Adirondacks is the snowmobile capital of the northeast.

Here in Old Forge the snowmobile trail system connects with all major snowmobile trail systems in Central and Upstate New York. Enjoy the ride because each day two shifts of paid trail groomers keep the more than 500 miles of trails in top condition. Bring your cameras and take in the beautiful Adirondack mountains as you commandeer your sled through snow-covered forests, along frozen tundra’s and into communities of snow lovers.

Even this much fun needs to take a break, so rest yourself and your sled. The area is alive with many fine restaurants and taverns that cater to the snowmobiling community. Start your day off right with a cup of coffee at Ozzie’s Coffee Bar and end your day with a delicious meal from the Steakhouse. See the full list of restaurants at here!

To make your snowmobile vacation both enjoyable and safe, please take note of New York State and local laws and regulations pertaining to road and trail riding.

To learn more about our area you can visit our websites at www.oldforgeny.com or www.inletny.com.

There’s fun in numbers, so consider joining a snowmobile club!

New York State passed a law in 2006 that raised the New York State snowmobile registration fee to $100 unless you belong to a club recognized by the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA). The fee remains at $45 for those who are members of NYSSA-recognized clubs.

The Towns of Webb and Inlet encourage you to join one of the local clubs here in the Central Adirondack area. The annual membership dues for most of the local clubs will be $30 for a family and will include husband, wife and any children living at the same address under the age of 18. These membership dues will entitle you to the voucher necessary to register your snowmobile with New York State for the lower registration fee of $45 per snowmobile. Local clubs in the area that are adjacent to our trail system include:


Beaver River Association of Skiers & Snowmobilers (BRASS)

Herkimer County (join BRASS),

Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club

Hamilton County (join the Barnstormers online)

Trackside Blazers Snowmobile Club

Oneida County (join Trackside Blazers)

Brantingham Snowmobile Club

Lewis County (join the Brantingham Club).


You can join any New York State Snowmobile Association club online using a credit card.

The best snowmobiling in the Northeast is right here in Old Forge/Inlet, no wonder it’s called the Snowmobile Capital of the East! Over 500 Miles of groomed snowmobile trails twist through majestic forests and frozen  tundra’s, creating a breathtaking blanketed panorama of nature at its finest…


Here’s why:

1.) Breathtaking scenery – Riders get to see places you otherwise couldn’t access or see other times of the year. The Adirondacks turns into a Winter Wonderland!

Winter Scenery 8

2.) The Trail system is well marked and connects with all major snowmobile trail systems in Central and Upstate New York. 500 miles of trails are maintained every day with two shifts of grooming to ensure top conditions. Trails are good, even on busier weekends!

3.) Lake effect snow drops bands of the white stuff often! Old Forge has an average annual snowfall of 177.3 inches, which is 692% more than the national average. This is more annual snow fall than Alaska!


4.) Make it a weekend adventure, with the vast number of places to stay. From Guest rooms and Luxury Suites at Water’s Edge Inn to heated Cabins and Cottages at Old Forge Camping Resort and everything in between, there is a variety of accommodations available in Old Forge. Both accommodations offer winter stay ‘n play specials, trailer parking and direct access to the snowmobile trail system and non-ethanol gasoline 24/7!ofcr snowmobile

5.) There are tons of places to eat & drink, whether you travel to Old Forge, Inlet, Big Moose, or Stillwater. Start off with breakfast from Walt’s Diner, the 2016 winner for people’s choice for Best Breakfast from Adirondack Life Magazine and enjoy a midday bite & drink from Daiker’s on 4th Lake, and end the day with pizza and wings from Screamen’ Eagle in Inlet. – you can’t wrong

6.) Variety of riding conditions – trails, roads, lakes, (we do not suggest or recommend riding the lakes.)

7.) Different Day trips by snowmobile allow you to ride for several days and never do the same thing twice. Consider a ride to Stillwater or Raquette Lake by snowmobile.

8.) Away from the city, but not that far, in fact it’s only 200 miles from most major cities in New York, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada.

9.) Having problems with your ride? All major sled brands have shops within 15 minutes of Old Forge! 

10.) It’s a social thing: The snowmobiling community is great – tons of opportunity to meet new friends that all share the love of snowmobiling!


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