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Here are some jokes to share with your friends and family.

If you are on a hike and find a fork in the road, what do you do?

Stop for lunch!

How do you start a fire using two pieces of wood?

Make sure one is a matchstick.

Why did the teepees have to go to the doctor?

They were too tense (two tents).

Why don't grizzlies wear shoes?

They like to walk around in their bear (bare) feet.

What side of a tree does moss grow on?

The outside.

If we are in the forest and a bear chases us, how do we outrun it?

I don't know. I only have to outrun you.

What has antlers and sucks blood?

A Moose-quito.

What did the slug say as he slipped down the wall?

How slime flies!

Chris was hard at work with the broom in his family's tent. His mother said, 'That's nice. Are you sweeping out the tent?

'No,' answered Chris. 'I'm sweeping out the dirt.'

A man walked into the Old Forge Camping Resort. 'Can you give me a cabin with a bath?'

'I can give you a cabin,' the clerk said. 'But you'll have to take a bath yourself.'

Some campers went for a hike on a very hot day. Melissa talked without stopping the whole trip.

When they got back to their cabin her tongue was sunburned!

How did you find the weather at camp?

It was easy. I just went outside and there it was!