Top 5 hikes for you and your Dog in the Adirondacks

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

All of us pet owners love taking our four legged best friends on activities with us. Hiking is the perfect activity to bring your dog along with you on. What makes this better is that the beautiful Adirondack Park is right in our backyard here in Upstate New York. Only issue is picking a hike that will be enjoyable for you and your dog! That’s why we are going to help you out and make a top 5 list of hikes to go on with your dog!

#5- Moss Lake – Old Forge, NY

Trailhead and parking is on the left of Big Moose Rd. 3 miles from Eagle Bay. Trail is 2.5 miles around lake; hike is easy and mostly flat. Great scenery and easy on you and your furry partner!


#4- Black Bear Mountain– Old Forge, NY

Black Bear Mountain is the big brother, so to speak, of Rocky Mountain. Located so close to the village of Inlet, this peak gets some pretty serious attention from hikers; the summit can be a very crowded location. Black Bear Mountain from Route 28 is the most popular approach, but a secondary approach can be found leaving from Uncas Road. Using the Route 28 trailhead you have an excellent opportunity to create a loop for a slightly longer outing.

#3- Rocky Mountain – Old Forge, NY

Rocky Mountain is one of the most popular hikes in the Old Forge area. Mainly because its short trail and nice terrain it is the perfect difficulty for family’s and pets! If you are driving east along Route 28, you can see the rocky summit above.


#2- Bald Mountain – Old Forge, NY

Bald Mountain is a classic hike for me that I’ve been on many times but it’s still enjoyable. A nice short hike to the Summit with a beautiful view from the “Bald” peak and the Fire tower. Sit on the summit with your furry friend and have summer lunch and take in the warm sun and beautiful view overlooking the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

#1-Cascade Lake– Old Forge, NY


Cascade Lake offers a very nice hiking trail without too much tough terrain. This 6.4-mile loop of trail allows you, your family and pets the opportunity to spend anywhere from 3-5 hours taking in the Adirondack beauty. Another great part of Cascade Lake is that it’s only a few short miles from the village of Old Forge, located right off Big Moose Road in Eagle Bay, NY.