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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Campers [That make Camping Fun!]

Picture of a campfire.

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Campers [That make Camping Fun!]

Spend More Time Unplugged: So many of us want to connect with nature and disconnect from the constant noise of everyday life. While it is nice to have access to our phones “in case of emergency,” if spending more time unplugged is a goal for 2020, take a camping trip! This is the perfect opportunity to set the electronics aside and sing camp songs, tell spooky or silly stories, and gather sticks and start a campfire. Your cell phone can’t do that! (Sorry, Siri)

two kids in a tent holding a stuffed Walter safari

Learn to pitch a tent, open/close the pop-up, level a camper: “That’s Dad’s Job!” Not in 2020! Heck, even in 1996 I remember my mother (in her 40s) taking care of opening and closing the pop-up. If you are physically able, take a shot at learning how to pitch your own tent or set up the camper! Give Dad a break; he works hard.

Try something NEW, while camping: Relaxing is numero uno, but how about spicing up the camping trip with some boating, trail (bike) riding or go GeoCaching?! GeoCaching is fun at any age and can be enjoyed by yourself or with your friends and family. It’s basically “treasure hunting!” – and you can use your phone! Wooo, the kids will love this one!

Save up for the equipment that is holding you back: This one I hear a lot… “I can’t go, I don’t have a ____.” You need a budget. Look at your expenses. Is there anything you can swap out to save a few dollars each week? Are you really using that app subscription? If getting that camper or cabin will get you off the ground and help you sleep more comfortably, will that motivate you to take more trips?

Camp in a haunted location: Teenagers are thrill-seekers. It is proven that their brains adapt to thrill-seeking behavior and drives them to try more scary stuff over time. Some of us never grow out of that! Take yourself or your friends and family camping in a haunted location or research some spooky local history and haunt it up on your own!

Three guests on their snowmobiles in front of their rental cabin.

Snow Camping/ Beach Camping: The Old Forge Camping Resort is the PERFECT location for this! We are open year-round and offer snow and beach-weather camping! You can rent a cabin during our winter season and check local snowmobiling events such as Snodeo and SnoFest. The beach at the shore of Lake Serene offers the ideal summer escape.

Bring someone camping for their first time: Now, taking Aunt Mel camping doesn’t necessarily mean she’s coming out of the camper, however, what a great resolution to make! Introduce camping to someone who is BRAND NEW to it! Start simple, put a tent in the back yard, so they can easily use the indoor plumbing. Then visit a nearby campground that offers amenities (such as indoor plumbing). I promise you that’s all they will really NEED when just starting out.

Pick a NEW camping spot: Whether you like to sit and relax on the beach, or hike through the Adirondacks, there are so many options when it comes to camping. You’ll never run out of NEW places to camp. New sites at the same campground count too!

Close up image of popcorn

Try a camping recipe: Pinterest is full of ideas about how to pack, prepare, and pull off an outstanding camping recipe. One of my all-time favorites is Cowboy Hash! Check it out and try out a new favorite.

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