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Between Season Scramble

Halloween decorations at night outside in trees

Between Season Scramble

When the foliage starts to turn, the air becomes chillier and summer is now in the rearview mirror. It’s time for Old Forge Camping Resort to change gears and start preparing for autumn. The end of Labor Day weekend marks the start of our preparation season in which we have a week and a half before the beginning of our fun fall activities that last all season.

With summer ending, that means many of our staff at Old Forge Camping Resort must go back to school. This leaves about fifteen staff members to embrace the between season scramble. So, it’s all hands-on deck as we begin our race against the clock to turn the campground into a Halloween spectacular! Year after year, our team works together to transform the campground while keeping the guests who stay with us during this time comfortable and happy.

During this week and a half, many projects must be completed, this means that we don’t follow an exact schedule because plans tend to change. Instead, we decide on an action plan as we go along so that we can complete every project on our list in the most efficient way possible. There are no dull moments as our staff jumps right into the projects that transform the Resort into a wonderful Halloween-themed getaway!

One of the major projects that must be completed every season is the repairing of the cabins and cottages. This means that our team assesses each one of our cottages and cabins to determine if they have endured any damage over the season. Our team then continues to do any repairs – this may include door, stair, window, and roof repairs. Next, all our cottages and cabins then must undergo a deep cleaning.

Our cottages and cabins are cleaned after every stay but during the between season each one of our 200 cottages and cabins undergo a spring cleaning where they are washed inside out and back again to start the new season out right with pristine, sparkling cabins! However, both the repairs and cleaning are staggered throughout this week and a half because we have guests staying with us. So, when we’re not working on the cottages and cabins, we are busying ourselves with raking our 400 campsites, preparing the campground store for the next season, and putting up the docks and paddle boats for the winter.

Once all these tasks are completed, the fun begins as we take on our biggest project of the season and transform Old Forge Camping Resort into a Halloween spectacular! No part of the campground goes undecorated as we put out tombstones to create a graveyard, turn our café into a Halloween wonderland, and put out decorative creepy crawlies around the Campground. However, the best and final part of decorating does not happen until our fall season starts and our guests bring their own Halloween decorations that they put up around their campsites.

With our combined decorations Old Forge Camping Resort is truly turned into a Halloween wonderland where everyone is in the Halloween spirit. This makes our fall season a great one as we watch our guests have fun and enjoy our activities that go right up until the end of the season and we once again find ourselves in a between season scramble.

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