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Fall Camping

Fall Camping


Ahh, fall…the terrible heat of the summer is behind us and now is the perfect time to head out to nature and go camping amidst the beautiful natural palette of foliage.

While you won’t encounter the stifling heat and humidity, you do need to be prepared for sometimes sudden drops in temperature. Follow some simple guidelines and you’ll have a beautiful (and mosquito-free) adventure.

Find the perfect spot. Ask around among your nature-loving friends or visit to help find the location that is perfect for your specific needs.

Since fall foliage is the main reason to go out this season, plan with peak colors in mind. The colors are usually most stunning from September through October.

You can never be over-prepared for the temperature. Have a sleeping bag that protects against temperatures lower than you expect. Mummy sleeping bags are best for keeping warm because they cling closer to your body.

Rain is more prevalent in this season so get a good three-season tent that provides full rain protection. Always bring a tarp to place underneath your tent to protect from moisture seeping up.

While your outside layering is the key to staying comfortable. Try layers of breathable, water-resistant clothing. Wool, fleece and synthetic materials will help keep you warm and dry. Avoid cotton clothing.

Dry firewood can become scarce in autumn. Pick some up at Old Forge Camping Resort’s camping store so you don’t have to risk going without.

Finally, don’t be afraid to eat. A hearty, warm meal can make a huge impact on your physical and mental state. A nice big meal will help fuel your body, replenish your muscles, and keep you warm through the long, cold night. (Besides, it’s fall, no one will see you in a bathing suit).

Stay warm, stay safe, and be sure to bring a camera.

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