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Returning Team Members

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Exceptional Seasonal Team Members will receive an invitation to join next year’s team via email.

  • Turned 16 years of age since you last worked? – See your Guidance Counselor to update your working papers after your 16th birthday
  • Attendance at Orientation is required before you will be scheduled to work

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Returning Members FAQs

I worked at OFCR last year, do I have to fill out a new application for this year?

No, you do not need to fill out a new application. If your job performance was exceptional, you will receive an Ask Back Letter via email in the Fall.

Do I need to fill out paperwork if I worked at EFWS/CC/OFCR/WEI last summer?

Yes. You must complete a W-4 each season. If you have turned 16 years old since you last worked, you will need to update your working papers through your Guidance Office after your 16th birthday.

Do I need new working papers every year?

You only need to obtain new working papers if you have turned 16 years old between September and June. Please visit your guidance office after your 16th birthday.

Can I change departments?

You may email us at and make a request to change departments or make a note on your Ask Back form. Department requests are not guaranteed.

Are there opportunities for advancement?

If you are a second year team member, let your manager know you are interested or call Human Resources at 315-369-6145.

I went to Orientation last year – Do I have to go this year too?

Yes. All team members must attend orientation BEFORE they begin working every year.

I’ll be graduating from high school this year – Can I live in housing this summer?

Housing availability is limited. Team Member must be over the age of 18 and live outside a 50 mile radius of Old Forge. Contact Human Resources at 315-369-6145 extention 0 to let us know you’re interested.

I have a friend or family member who wants to work at OFCR – Can they work there too?

We love it when our current Team Members refer new Team Members! Have them fill out an application, and list you as a reference!

I didn’t get an ‘Ask Back’ Invitation…What now?

In order to provide our guests with exceptional customer service, our Ask Back invitations are given to our exceptional Team Members. If you did not receive an invitation and feel that you should have, please call Human Resources at (315)-369-6145 extension 0.

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