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Tips on Kayaking Safely

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Tips on Kayaking Safely

Want to have a fun and safe kayaking adventure? That’s easy, just follow these few tips!

Weather Conditions

Before you leave for your kayaking adventure, make sure to check the weather conditions. You should even be checking the weather while kayaking. If a storm is coming, then plan to go another day. If you are in the water and you hear thunder, then paddle over to the nearest bank, and get out of the water. You should also research the specific body of water that you are going to. See if there are any tricky currents or unexpected swells. You can find this information by checking with the government agency that patrols the water.

Dress Appropriately

After you look up the weather, dress appropriately. If you are going into water that is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you should be wearing a wet or drysuit. You should also be wearing safety gear. No matter what you should always be wearing a PFD (personal floating device). There also should be a whistle attached to your PTD so you can get someone’s attention if you need help. If you aren’t within whistle range from shore you should have a different form of communication, either a cellphone or a VHF radio. Be prepared with bottled water – hydration is vital!

Don’t Go Solo

Not only is kayaking more fun with friends, it’s also safer! You can go alone, but if something goes wrong, friends can help you out of the problem. Remember to keep everyone close, no matter the size of the group. It’s not helpful if everyone is off doing their own thing, right? Share the adventure and create great memories! Take photos!

Have a Float Plan

You should always have a float plan set in place before you go kayaking. The main points in a float plan are:

  • Who? The names of everyone in the group, plus contact info for each.
  • Where? Where you are going and the planned route.
  • When? Planned arrival and departure time.
  • What? An action plan if you’re late.

Give your Float Plan to your parents, roommates, sibling, whoever you trust, before you leave for your adventure!

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