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What to Bring For Your Rafting/Boating Trip

What to Bring For Your Rafting/Boating Trip

When getting ready for your ADK water trip, the first thing you need to do is look down. Yes, look down at your feet. First off, cover them. While barefoot in a kayak or boat may seem like a good idea, you more than likely will end up walking on wet, slippery (and even sharp) rocks.  Don’t go cheap, invest in some sturdy sandals or shoes with good tread. Chaco, Teva, and Keen get the job done for sandals, and Solomon makes a great pair of light shoes that dry fast and have great tread. 

Now that your feet are good, consider your skin. Obviously, a good sunscreen is essential, but beyond sunburn, the wind, sand, and water can make your personal outer layer quite uncomfortable. Bring a good lotion to keep your skin moist and fresh. 

When you are rafting or boating, your clothes are going to get wet, there’s no way around it. So make sure you have some plastic bags (Ziploc work great) to store those damp items and keep them from getting your other clothes and items wet until you can properly dry them. 

When it comes time to take a break from your river activities, you’re going to want to sit and enjoy the non-aquatic scenery. Half a yoga mat, small old blanket, or tarp make a good ground cover for your timeout. 

Individuals in lifejackets and helmets white water rafting in a tube with water splashing around them


Swimsuit: May be worn as a first layer

Shorts: quick drying shorts can double as a swimsuit for men.

Hiking boots, water sport sandals 

Socks: Polypropylene or wool

Shirts: long sleeved is best for sun protection

Sweater or jacket: Fleece or Wool

Baseball cap or visor (with strap) for sun protection

Water bottle 



Insect repellant

Small towels and toiletries

Sunscreen/ lip balm

Moisturizer/Skin lotion

Wet Wipes

Bike gloves to protect hands while paddling (optional)

A wooden cottage surrounded by lush greenery and thee sun brightly filtering down

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own canoe, kayak, or stand up paddleboard (SUP)  Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company in Old Forge offers daily and multi-day rentals.  After a day discovering the beautiful waterways of the Adirondacks, the adventures continue at Water Safari Resort featuring Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park. Complete your stay in the Adirondacks by staying at either Old Forge Camping Resort, or if you prefer even more relaxation Water’s Edge Inn, the premier hotel in Old Forge!

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