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The Only Year-Round Camping in Old Forge

Snowshoes going through the winter snow.

The Only Year-Round Camping in Old Forge

Imagine a clear blue sky with the sun shining down on you in the early morning of your first-day camping. You take a deep breath and enjoy the crisp winter air that surrounds you. Old Forge Camping Resort is the only campground in Old Forge that is open year-round. That means the freedom you feel when getting close to nature does not have to stop when the weather turns chilly and snow paints the ground. In fact, camping in the winter is a whole new adventure that not many people experience.

Winter Camping at Old Forge Camping Resort

There is an array of options for winter camping at Old Forge Camping Resort. The camping resort in the heart of the Adirondacks offers cottages, camping cabins, and RV sites with hook-ups for electricity. (No water , sewer or dump station during Winter Season.) This way, no matter where you like to stay when you camp, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Amenities abound in our main lodge, where you’ll find a laundry facility, a family lounge, an arcade, and a convenience store with camping supplies you might have forgotten! Accommodation lengths range from a weekend getaway to the entire season and everything in between. As the only year-round campground in Old Forge, you’ll find Old Forge Camping Resort is a comfortable experience any month of the year.

Winter Activities

No matter how long you stay, there are a variety of winter activities to choose from while you’re here. Snowmobiling is a great winter sport! There is a direct trail from Old Forge Camping Resort to Trail 5 giving you quick and easy access to 500 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. If skiing is your forte, then you’re in luck because there is great cross country and alpine skiing in Old Forge. Snowshoeing is another fun winter activity that will give you the chance to appreciate the wonderful scenery of the Adirondacks.

A Noise Break

One thing is for sure winter camping is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. One aspect of winter camping that makes it so unique is the silence. Camping any time of year brings you close to nature, which means that you get to escape the noise of the city. However, the sounds of nature also dull in the wintertime, meaning that there are no sounds of insects buzzing around or the rustling of leaves in the wind. This leaves you with a rare moment of absolute silence, which is great for unwinding from the stress of everyday life.

Less is More

Another perk of winter camping is you get to leave the bug spray at home! Nothing ruins your time outdoors like swarming flies and biting mosquitos, but camping in the winter means that you can enjoy the outdoors free from bugs. Not only are there fewer bugs but there are also fewer people. This means that there are no crowds and you can enjoy the great outdoors with no distractions.


The best reason for winter camping is very simple. Do it for the experience. Winter camping is your chance to try something new, and most likely it will be something that you love and will want to do again every year. Plus, the bragging rights and the stories from your great outdoor adventure will make you glad that you decided to step out of your comfort zone and try something new at the only year-round campground in Old Forge.

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